About Us

In Ancient Rome, the Rostra was the platform in the forum where the senate would address the people with the day's news. Rostra Marketing was founded with this loose metaphor in mind.

Our goal is to look at every part of the internet, to find every tool, both paid and unpaid forms of marketing and bring them to your business. While we always start our planning by looking at the internet, we often turn our focus offline to see how the brick-and-mortar reality of your business translates to the rest of the world. With this in mind, we've made our motto:

Think locally, act globally.

Matt Morgan, founder of Rostra Marketing, began his career managing dozens of Adwords accounts at once. This required attention to detail but left little room for care and attention. Rostra was founded with the idea that if you love what you do and arm yourself with data, you can be successful.